Etac Hi-Loo 803013162 toilet seat with lid 6cm and armrests white

2 - 3 days
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Etac Hi-Loo toilet seat with lid and armrests

A practical toilet seat with folding armrests and a discrete design.

A practical two-in-one solution
The Hi-Loo toilet raiser is a practical two-in-one solution. The armrests offer extra support and the toilet raiser simplifies sitting and standing up. The armrests can be fixed in folded down position for extra stability.

Stable and safe assembly
The Hi-Loo can be mounted on most common toilet bowl models and remains firmly in place. If extra stability is desired for lateral transfers, the anti-slip strips can be replaced with mounting clips. The Hi-Loo can also be supplied with only one armrest if the space in the toilet is limited. The armrests can be mounted on standing or hanging toilet bowls.

* Foldable armrests: Hi-Loo with mounted folding armrests.
* Click connection: The click closure offers the possibility to take off the glasses and lid easily, for example for cleaning or changing the seat height.
* Easy to clean: Hi-Loo is equipped with smooth surfaces without difficult corners that considerably facilitate cleaning.

Increase: 6 cm
Seat width: 36.5 cm
Armrest height from the top of the seat: 23 cm
Width with armrests: 60 cm
Width between the armrests: 49 cm
Center distance bolts in toilet bowl: 12.8 - 20.2 cm
Weight: 4.9 kg
Maximum user weight: 150 kg
Material: Seat: polypropylene / Arm supports: powder coating steel tube / Armrest covers: polypropylene / Fixing: aluminum

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  • Etac Hi-Loo
  • Etac Toilet hulpmiddelen
Delivery time:
  • 2 - 3 days
  • white
  • coated steel
  • polypropylene


Shape toilet seat:
  • R-shape round "egg" model
Appearance toilet seat:
  • with cover
Design toilet seat:
  • Sandwich
Function toilet seat:
  • not softclose
  • with armrests
  • toilet raiser
Maintenance toilet seat:
  • quick-release
  • Bottom mounted ↑
Centre distance hing holes:
  • 130mm
  • 140mm
  • 150mm
  • 160mm
  • 170mm
  • 180mm
  • 190mm
  • 200mm
Horizontal outside measure seat ring toilet seat ↔:
  • Unknown
Vertical outside measure seat ring toilet seat ↕:
  • Unknown
Horizontal inside measure seat ring toilet seat ↔:
  • 190mm
  • 200mm
Vertical inside measure seat ring toilet seat ↕:
  • 270mm
Maximum load toilet seat:
  • 150kg