Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 ViClean V02EL401 toilet seat (shower toilet seat) with lid white

3 - 4 weeks
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Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 ViClean toilet seat (shower toilet seat)

Villeroy and Boch Subway 2.0 ViClean toilet seat (shower toilet seat).
Toilet seat only for Subway 2.0 WC DirectFlush 5614R5R1 and for Subway 2.0 WC 560050R1.
Incl. remote control, fastening is included
220-240V AC / 50Hz

Click here for the full PDF of the ViClean L. shower toilet

Shower functions:

* the shower ensures a pleasant thorough cleaning of the intimate parts

* a wider panorama shower jet with adjustable shower radius ensures a pleasant cleaning with wellness effect

* the swinging comfort shower, in which the shower nozzle moves forwards and backwards

* a pulsating massage shower with varying intensity is invigorating

* eine pulsing Massagedusche mit wechselnder Intensität wirkt confebend

* water temperature, strength of the water jet and position of the shower nozzle are adjustable in all positions in 3 positions


* all functions are easily and safely controlled via the remote control

* the seat heating over the entire surface is adjustable at 3 temperature levels, an integrated sensor provides the set heat

* cover and seat close softly and silently thanks to the innovative Soft Closing technology

* up to 3 individual user profiles can be saved and recalled at any time

* LED lights for orientation at night in the bathroom


* the special, antibacterial surface treatment and the high-quality stainless steel nozzle do not give impurities a chance

* intelligent shower nozzle function with specially ionized water, which is particularly hygienic - pure water for perfect cleaning

* well thought-out design concept with a clear accent on a minimum of edges, corners or joints prevents dirt build-up

* automatic cleaning of the shower nozzle before and after each use guarantees constant optimum hygiene


* active protection of drinking water, which complies with all legal safety regulations. The connection to the drinking water network in accordance with EN 1717 prevents the backflow of contaminated water into the drinking water network. Safety equipment and extra costs will be canceled

* hot water production by means of energy-efficient geyser, which only heats the amount of water that is also used

* overall reduced electricity and water consumption compared to ordinary shower toilets - saving money and protecting natural resources.

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Villeroy en Boch
  • Villeroy en Boch Subway 2.0 ViClean
Delivery time:
  • 3 - 4 weeks
  • white
  • ABS plastic


Shape toilet seat:
  • S-shape specific "Series" model
Appearance toilet seat:
  • with cover
Design toilet seat:
  • Sandwich
Function toilet seat:
  • softclose
  • 5. with spray
Maintenance toilet seat:
  • not quick-release
  • Top mounted ↓
Horizontal outside measure seat ring toilet seat ↔:
  • 390mm
  • 400mm
Vertical outside measure seat ring toilet seat ↕:
  • 530mm
  • 540mm
Horizontal inside measure seat ring toilet seat ↔:
  • 210mm
  • 220mm
Vertical inside measure seat ring toilet seat ↕:
  • 270mm
Maximum load toilet seat:
  • Unknown